Their Story

Clifton and Mar have been successfully performing, competing, and teaching ballroom dance throughout the United States for several years. 

Clifton, originally from Tennessee, brings years of athletic training to his ballroom dance career. He’s a gifted athlete who is accomplished in many fields including archery, wrestling, golf, and baseball, as well as partnering on the University of Kentucky cheerleading squad. 

Mar, originally from Cuba, blends both Ballet and Contemporary dance together to create a unique and captivating style. 

Clifton and Mar found each other in October of 2012. During the first two years of their partnership, they focused on Theater Arts. This style of dance is similar to pairs figure skating with its combination of dance elements and overhead lifts.

Currently they’ve added the American Smooth Style of Ballroom dance, which includes Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, and Viennese Waltz. Not surprisingly, they deliver the same passion, grace, and musicality in this division as they do in Theatre Arts.

Clifton and Mar have won several events across the country as well as consistently making the finals in large events like the United States Dance Championships (USDC) and Millennium. They enchant the audience with each performance by bringing their sincere love, spirit, and elegance to the floor.

Two of their trademark numbers include a romantic, remake of “At Last” and a dramatic, edge-of-your-seat routine danced to the song “Creep”.  Both numbers show a great diversity of style and character in the young couple.  

In 2015, the organizers of “Blackpool” in England honored Clifton and Mar by inviting them to dance “Creep” at The British Open Ballroom Dance Championships, also known as “Blackpool”. They placed an astounding 6th in the World!